Modeling a “Kingdom mindset”

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes some pastors get a little territorial or denominational when it comes to their relationship with other churches & pastors.

Territorial = “There’s not enough room in this town/county for two churches.” Read between the lines: I don’t want you taking any of my people or people that MIGHT come to my church.

Denominational = “If you’re not a Methodist/Baptist/Lutheran, etc. then I can’t support you.”
I have had the good fortune to encounter one pastor, of many, who is neither territorial or denominational.

My friend, Ray Brock, is a church planter in Goshen, Ohio with a “Kingdom” mindset. He believes that there’s plenty of “need” to go around, and work enough to keep the two of us, and many more, busy for a long time!

We will be starting Walls Down Church in the town next to Goshen, where Ray is located. In a blog post last night, he encouraged his church to, “Please add them to your prayers and be praying for those who will be part of this work. They will be in town starting April 7th -13th to do some preliminary work and start to nail down potential locations. Let’s all be ready to love and to minister to this family.” (Read the entire post here).

I love that spirit! That’s the kind of spirit that gets things done for our Leader, Jesus!

Ray, I’m looking forward to working side by side with you and the good people of Center Pointe Church!

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