Doing “Daddy” well…

I just finished Meg Meeker’s book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.

If you are a father to a daughter, reading this book will be one of the best parenting decisions you will make.

Meeker shares the “ten secrets every father should know” and backs them up with research and compelling stories.

The ten secrets:

  1. You are the most important man in her life
  2. She needs a hero
  3. You are her first love
  4. Teach her humility
  5. Protect her, defend her
  6. Pragmatism and grit: two of your greatest asset
  7. Be the man you want her to marry
  8. Teach her who God is
  9. Teach her to fight
  10. Keep her connected

Meeker concludes the book with this gripping paragraph:

“One day, when she is grown, something between the two of you will shift. If you have done your job well, she will choose another good man to love her, fight for her, and be intimately connected to her. But he will never replace you in her heart, because you were there first. And that’s the ultimate reward for being a good dad.”

You can purchase Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters here.

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