Planting… the stuff that happens

I just got a note from a church planter in Maineville, Ohio.

Craig Knisley is a church planter who will be launching Northbridge Fellowship church next week… in the high school that we were going to talk with this coming week about being the launching point for Walls Down!

Here’s how I responded… in chronological order:

  • WHOOOSH (that would be the sound of my breath leaving my breath chamber)
  • DRIP (that would be the sound of a drop of sweat hitting the table I was sitting when I read the e-mail)
  • &^*#!@#$%^&* (that would be what I was thinking)
  • “We’re gonna do this even if we have to pitch a tent!” (that would be the sound of me beating my chest)
  • “Okay God, I’m listening. What do you want us to do?” (that would be the sound of me surrendering)

So I picked up the phone and called Craig.
After our conversation, I have some more thoughts:

  • Is this guy for real? He is a classy, gracious, kingdom-minded man who is actually interested in how he can help!
  • I can’t believe how these young churches are so open to new churches! Walls Down will always remember how right this is and how good it feels!
    • Scotty has said he is going to buy me a coney dog when we get in the area… now that feels REAL good!
    • Ray has called his church to love and pray for us as we begin Walls Down and he and his bride, Melissa have already been a help to us in identifying the local schools.
    • Several other church plants in the area have been welcoming and ready to help in whatever way they can.
  • I’m still going to have my meeting with the principle on Thursday, but we will not meet in Little Miami High School, and you know what… it’s going to be okay.
  • I am confident that we are going to the right place, and after conversations with several church planters and pastors in this area, my confidence has an even stronger base.
  • Someday I’ll look back on this and laugh. Right now I am just praying for a building. Will you join me? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Planting… the stuff that happens

  1. I know that you are beyond certain that Cincy is the place, but if you read your post again, you will notice the abundant references to “young churches” & “church plants”. Is Cincy more in need of Christ than, say, a town in Western PA? *smile*

    You know what I mean… I’m not trying to say that you are going to the wrong place. I am just musing out loud, I guess.

  2. Hey Paul!!

    Nerida and I are praying for you… we can’t wait to see how God guides you to the special place He has for you to launch ‘Walls Down’ from.

    A thought that came to me was maybe you could ask Craig Knisley of other suitable places he knows where you might be able to launch ‘Walls’ from… Go for it man!!

  3. Paul,
    Sorry I’m late to the prayer circle. But better late than never. Your comments were very graphic (meaning I could see what was happening as I read). I was cheering for you as I got to bottom of the list and heard you switch gears. Listening is a great place to be.
    Praying for you as you listen friend,

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