Headed out… soon

We’re packing up and getting ready to spend the next week in Cincinnati!

Last September (the 28th) I was sitting in Panera Bread praying and reflecting on where we were going to start this new church. Sitting there, I knew the decision I was preparing to make was a big one. I wrote this post that day.

Now, seven months later, I am confident that God has spoken and that we have heard clearly.

Based on this confidence, we are going to Cincinnati to:

  • Look for a house
  • Meet with teachers and look at schools for the girls
  • Do some fundraising
  • Meet with several local pastors
  • Meet with prospective core group members (i.e. people who will be a part of Walls Down Church)
  • Meet with a prospective staff member
  • Look for a place for Walls Down Church to meet
  • Pray around the area

We are excited to get to our soon-to-be-home, eat chili and coney’s, spend time with friends, prepare for the future, and hear the whisper of God!

I’d appreciate your prayers as we keep moving ahead in this church planting venture!

Thanks to all of you for traveling this journey with us and participating in the evolution of Walls Down Church!

2 thoughts on “Headed out… soon

  1. Paul,

    I came across your blog this morning via WordPress’s tag reader (nice choice on the layout by the way). I look forward to following your family’s journey in this plant and will be praying for you.

    I’m a full time electronics design engineer in St. Louis (now attending seminary as well) and have been exploring a calling that God has placed on me to plant a church as well so thanks for everything you put on here regarding Walls Down.

    Keep it up and may God bless you and your family.

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