Cincinnati – Day One

Someday, after Walls Down is started, we’ll look back on these blog posts and say, “Ahhhh… I remember that!”

Day One

  • We were late for every meeting! I’m not sure how this worked, but it was pretty frustrating!
  • Before we were in the area 24 hours, we have already eaten @ Skyline Chili! I can’t wait until this is a regular part of my diet! 😉
  • We had lunch with a great couple… Ben Stroup and his lovely wife-to-be… Amy!
  • I met with a pastor/church-planter, over some Starbucks, to discuss church planting and a potential partnership between our two churches.
  • We ate dinner with another great couple and their family of three girls! In case you’re wondering, that would be an evening spent with nine ladies and two dudes!
  • Here’s a BONUS: we’re staying with a wonderful couple and the husband is Dave Ping. Dave is an author and an out-of-the-box thinker! The highlight of my evening was listening to him talk about writing books, finding your passion, re-thinking evangelism, and ton of other valuable insights. This man is the king of one-liners!
  • Rindy and her guys pulled in last night! We’re going to be looking for houses, schools, meeting places, etc. It’s gonna be fun and busy!

And that’s the wrap up for day one.

3 thoughts on “Cincinnati – Day One

  1. I’m sorry. I’ve been silent long enough.
    Skyline Chili? Nothing good can come from Skyline Chili. I tasted it out of respect for some friends of mine from Cinci a few years back. Nasty stuff. I’m concerned about the deception your taste buds and stomach are playing on you. Perhaps an intervention. Now White Castle!! THAT’S good stuff. 😉

  2. Joni,

    To knock Skyline Chili on my blog is very close to inappropriate conversation. You have virtually crossed the line. I may have to ban you or at least censor you from this point on.

    And then to mention White Castle?

    Joni, consider yourself censored. 😉

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