Cincinnati – Day Two

Day Two

We spent several hours driving around Warren county looking for buildings for Walls Down to meet in. It’s amazing how economically diverse this area is! From rags to riches… literally.

We are focusing on the Maineville area. We feel a draw to this area. However, if there are no available buildings, we will simply move over a town.

The cool thing about this whole journey is that we know we will be a multi-site church AND that we will have a church-planting emphasis, so even if we don’t start out in Maineville, at some point we will either have a site here OR we will partner with another church or churches in the area OR we will plant a church here.

Again, we like the Maineville area, but in order to “set up house” we need a building. Keep praying with us on this one.

Last night we went to a college worship service where we worshiped and heard some good teaching! It’s exciting to worship with college students. They are refreshingly authentic and idealistic! They really believe we can change the city! I do too, and I pray to God that we never lose this informed, optimistic attitude!

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