Cincinnati – Day Four

Day Four

  • It’s hard finding a school to meet in here. They want you to have a plan to build your own building within a year… and a contract on the land you’re going to build on. That’s a problem. Why? Because I don’t care if we ever own our own building. We’re not starting a church so that we can build a building. We are starting a church so that we can help people find the life Jesus promised. Honestly, renting a facility is a heck of a lot cheaper anyway. So, I’d love your prayers on this one.
  • Another issue that we’re running into is that schools will rent out their gyms or cafeterias, but not their classrooms. That creates a problem for our children’s ministry.

Hmmmm… all these problems seem like a good place for a miracle! Miracle anyone?

  • In spite of the above comments, I did make some good connections today. I met the lady who schedules the facilities for the Little Miami School district, and was put in touch with the man who does the same for the Kings Mills schools. (Kings Mills Schools don’t look like they’re going to work. It’s hard to share a gym with a basketball group while you’re trying to “do” church. It’s also hard to have church in the summer when the district shuts down the elementary schools for the summer.) Maybe it’s time for a breakthrough here! It’s time for some “Possibility thinking.”
  • We were able to eat lunch with some friends from Northgate church. It’s good to have friends from the church we used to pastor. I feel bad for pastors who leave churches with no friends. It happens.
  • We ate supper with some friends who live in the area. We went to college with these guys and they’re talking about coming to Walls Down! I like the thought of that!

So how are you feeling Mr. Peterson?

  • We need to find where we’re going to meet as a church BEFORE we locate where we’re going to live. Why? Because we want to live in the community where we minister. Please help us pray about the right  location!
  • I’m tired.
  • I want some more Gold Star. Gold Star anyone? Joni?

6 thoughts on “Cincinnati – Day Four

  1. I have no idea what it takes to start a church from scratch… so I’m shooting from the hip here. Could it be possible to meet somewhere other than a school. Movie theatres, mini-warehouse… again I have no clue about whats doable and what’s not… just throwing out some ideas.

  2. Hang in there friend! This is actually good news! If schools aren’t so keen on cooperating, it means they’ve NEVER seen anything like this before and don’t realize just how lucrative it is for them. You are perfectly positioned to change the way they think about church AND about God! Way to go!

    I agree with Brad, there are several successful churches here that meet in movie theatres. So, you don’t have starbucks during church…how about popcorn?! If schools aren’t helping, how about some small colleges? (particularly the kind that need some financial help). Any local restaurant owners that are christians and aren’t open on Sunday? Just a thought.

    Hang in there! Cincinnati is about to be changed forever!

  3. I was part of a church that met in a hotel ballroom, movie theater(the seats had cupholders!! so that’s a plus, and a school. We would have stayed in the theater had it not been torn down and remodeled. I loved being in the theater–already had screens, they let us add our own lights, we built a stage in front of the screen which stored the sound gear and a storage closet where we kept partitions used in children’s church in the lobby. I have a couple friends from Community Christian(CCC) that were looking for bars/clubs to meet in–already had a sound system in place, they would offer to clean the place up, disarming atmosphere and Tom Cox of Catalyst Faith ( who did a LOT of portable church for 10-15 years in the Chicagoland area before moving out to Pittsburgh. I know you have done SO much networking with portable church and church planters so none of this may be new. Maybe you could find a cafe that wouldn’t mind serving that hideous chili of yours post service!! 🙂

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