Some waddup

There’s a lot going on these days…

  • I’m working on getting Walls Down Church established as a 501(c)3. We are working on Bylaws and articles of incorporation. I really miss this guy…

  • Tomorrow at 3:30 we will be closing the sale on our house in New York! I barely know how to act!
  • This weekend we (Sherri and I) will be going to our fifth Re-Think Money seminar hosted by Casey Graham! Sherri serves as a Table Leader at this seminar. This guy has really helped us to “rethink money.” If you are a pastor you should definitely check him out! He has some great ideas and resources to offer you and the people of your church. You can contact him at
  • Next Monday I’ll be flying down to Orlando with a team from Mountain Lake Church to attend/participate in the Exponential Conference. This year’s speaking lineup is incredible! Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Tim Keller, etc. will be presenting! I can’t wait!
  • Next Tuesday I’m going to make a call to the lady who can say “yes” or “no” to a church in the Showcase Cinema. I’d love your prayer as we move forward on this!
  • Today… right now, I’ve gotta go get my stupid van fixed! The ignition switch thing has locked up. GRRRR…

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