Orlando – the wrap up

I’m back home now. It’s so good to get back to all of my ladies!

The conference was good but probably highlight of this conference was all of the networking that I had the opportunity to do. It was great to connect with new friends and reconnect with old friends.

OK, now here’s what I really want to talk about…

I saw Al Roker get frisked by airport security!

It’s true! We were at the Orlando airport and he was in line right beside us! As we all moved through the line, apparently the security didn’t recognize him and pulled him off to the side to wand and frisk him. It was incredible!

I also saw a man in a mini skirt. I’m confident he must have lost a bet because no dude would wear this thing. Unbelievable!

Al Roker and a dude in a mini-skirt all in one day… how cool is that?!

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