Some waddup

Gosh, it’s almost “Go-Time” for us! I can’t wait! So much is happening so quickly that occasionally I like to write it down to keep it straight; it also serves as a journal for us to look back on someday.

  • We have ten people from Mountain Lake Church signed up to come to Cincinnati on December 4-7. They will help us serve the community, publicize the Walls Down Christmas Eve service, and serve the place where we are meeting as a church. Thanks to all of you who are making this trip!
  • In a few weeks Sherri and I are going to have our first weekend alone in FIVE YEARS! My parents are going to take “The Ladies” for a weekend and we’re going to get away! Yahoo!
  • On June 1-10 we are headed to Cincinnati to find a place to live! We currently have several agents and friends keeping their eyes open for houses, or trailers if things get bad! 😉 We have decided to rent for the first little while. This gives us some flexibility and time to gain a full understanding of the area and determine where we’re going to live before we settle in for good. Please pray for God’s favor during these next few weeks.
  • On June 16-17 Sherri and I are going to be meeting with ARC representatives. We will be assessed and interviewed for these two days. After these two days, if both ARC and we are agreed, we will join this network of churches as a planter. This is NOT a denomination. It is simply a network of churches connected by a single vision of helping people find Jesus. Their mission is to “create a resource rich environment for church planters.”
  • I have been in conversation with a couple of Free Methodist Bishops concerning our relationship with the Free Methodist Church. Currently I am an ordained elder in the FM church. Over this last year I have been appointed by the FM church to learn from some of the best church planters in the country… planters who are from other denominations. Over this year I have had the privilege of serving with some great leaders from all kinds of different churches. It has been a wonderful opportunity to network and see life and ministry from a fresh perspective. As we move ahead I do not want to lose any of these connections based solely on denominational affiliation, therefore we are in the midst of discussion with our leaders. I am excited about these discussions with my leaders and look forward to next-steps!
  • June 29th is the last “official” day of our church planting residency. We will be wrapping everything up and moving to Cincinnati during the first couple of weeks in July.

So there it is… some waddup! Thanks for traveling with us on this journey!

6 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Hurry, and get here. Need a great Gold Star Chili eating partner :). Then after eating all of that great chili I’ll need someone to work it off with in the gym.

  2. I’m really pumped that we get to pray for God to rock the Cincinnati area through Walls Down Church. I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that you and your #1 Lady are going to be getting away for a few days. She sure is special, and I hope your marriage is just blessed by your time together.

  3. Check your little chili company’s website to make sure you find a home within take out distance. make sure your agents are factoring this into the search. I’m SURE skyline chili is on MLS right? 😉

  4. hey paul…congrats on the getaway!!! kasey and i are heading out of town for the weekend…our first time away from molly since she was born a little over a year ago…i’m excited but a little anxious at the same time…

    also glad to see things are going well and continuing to progress for walls down!!!

  5. Wow…it cannot have been a year already since you came to MLC! I’m so excited for Walls Down and I can’t wait to come visit. (Hey, let’s start working on some summer or spring break mission teams for us teacher folk!) After all the blog-reading, I’m ready to meet Rindy, too! She seems like a GREAT start-up partner. Keep us posted with some more Waddup!

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