Lexington’s last day of school

Today is Lexington’s last day of school.

Today is the last time she will probably ever see this group of little friends.

Today is the last time we will ever hold hands and walk down the hallway to Ms. Sweeny’s room.

Today is the last time we will run into the office to sign in and try to get her to her class before the bell rings.

Today is the last time she will stumble into my home office with bed-head and stinky breath to get ready for school.

Today is the last day of pre-school and the segue into my baby’s educational journey!

I love you Lexington!

(P.S. remember your first day of school? Check it out here baby!)

Some day you’re gonna hate that I posted these pictures, but for today they sure are cute!

3 thoughts on “Lexington’s last day of school

  1. Today is my daughters last day of High School – Graduation is tomorrow – enjoy every moment with your precious little girls – they will quickly grow into beautiful young women… Peace my friend – Heidi

  2. She definitely is NOT going to like the “bed-head” picture!! She’s grown so much and I am sure her teachers are going to miss her. I’m sure God has just the right school in mind for her next year.
    My parents have a picture of me on my first day of kindergarten and a graduation picture of me from Kindergarten. Thirty-five plus years later I am sure they remember more than I do. It was just one step in the journey called life.
    Enjoy the journey with them.

  3. Paul I agree with Heidi this last weekend Traci graduated from NES with her Masters degree, Proud yes, Sad? yes, where did our little girl go..it seemed only a short while ago I was walking her down the elementary school halls . They all grow up so fast. When our last daughter got married I realized how fast life really does pass by. . I miss all my girls so much but I am thankful they are good christian girls with wonderful–protective husbands. God has blessed us. Enjoy your family Paul girls are so special and you are a special Daddy…God has blessed your family..MAC

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