The five most viewed posts of May

I love seeing what people are reading on this blog, and so that you too can enjoy what others are reading, I give you (DRUM ROLL) “The five most viewed posts of May”:

  • Blogs worth checking out – this is a “page” on my blog that highlights other good blog reading. I have categorized the recommended blogs according to “content” (e.g. pastors, financial, blogging, etc.).
  • Who is Paul Peterson? – this is a brief “autobiography” of me so that readers of this blog can know a little bit more about who is writing.
  • $.39 is enough – I wrote this article, after much reflection, because it’s a part of probably every church planter’s journey, but one that is not talked about too much while it is happening. But it’s more than a talk about money; it’s a talk about faith in our Father.
  • Ten “Must Read” Blog Posts – thoughts on church, parenting, and leadership that I think fairly represent the overall content and direction of this blog.

Honorable Mention

And there it is… the May wrap-up and now we move boldly into June!

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