House hunting – day one

Today we looked at seven houses and three apartments. At this point we are thinking we’re going to rent unless we can find the perfect place at the perfect price. Renting gives us some flexibility and removes the pressure of a mortgage.

This afternoon I had a long conversation with a Free Methodist pastor exploring what our relationship with the FMC will look like. At some point I’ll be blogging about this journey.

We are staying with a great family who has five kids and the oldest is SEVEN! That means that in one house there are nine kids! One seven year old, two five year olds, two four year olds, two two year olds, one one year old, and one 6 month old! We are having a B-L-A-S-T! I think we could handle at least four more! 😉

I am so pleased to be the husband of Sherri and the father of Lexington, Reagan, Dallas, and Ashton. These ladies are making incredible sacrifices to start a new church and they do it with smiles. I love you ladies!

Oh yea… it poured all day and there were an abundance of tornado warnings along with ridiculously high winds and some damage as well. A grand day for house shopping. I suppose a house with no roof would come with a discount.

One thought on “House hunting – day one

  1. So sorry that it’s pouring rain. That’s no fun for house hunting. I’ve very happy about you guys moving to Cincinnati. Let us know if we can be of any assistance. When you get settled in we’d love to get together with your family.

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