House hunting – day two

It poured again today, accompanied, of course, by trees down and tornado warnings!

We have found a couple places for rent that we are definitely interested in.

We had lunch with Ben Hodges and his bride, Jill. Ben is the pastor of Four Corners church in West Chester, a four year old church that is effectively reaching the local community. It was good to make another connection. I love the warm reception we are receiving from the churches in the area!

Today was Ashton’s first birthday! Gosh, as a parent I don’t like it so much that we spent her birthday looking for a house.

We had dinner with some good friends tonight and my buddy broke his ridiculous “Gold Star Chili fast.”

We’re tired but excited! It’s crazy, but everyone I see I think, “They’re gonna be coming to Walls Down Church.” From the real estate agents to the waitresses to the guy pumping gas next to me… I know what we’re here to do- help people find the life Jesus promised, that “rich and satisfying life” He speaks of in John 10:10!

One thought on “House hunting – day two

  1. Paul,
    There is nothing quite as refreshing to your passion as beginning to see everyone through the eyes of the vision. You can almost hear the Master say, “Don’t say there are still months before the harvest (STOP thinking physical harvest), look up and see the fields white to harvest (START thinking spiritual harvest). Thanks for keeping it hot in OH! 🙂

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