House hunting – day four

Today we didn’t look at any houses… any human houses that is.

Some friends of ours from New York were in the area and we spent the day with them… at the zoo.

Quite frankly this day off served several purposes:

  1. We needed to focus on “The Ladies” for a while. These last few days have been crazy for them. They’ve been stuck in a van for hours on end with very little positive attention paid to them. In other words, they’ve heard a disproportionate number of “No’s”, “Not nows”, and “Be quiets”. They’ve slept in strange quarters, met and left friends, and seen very little of mom and dad. It was time to invest time and love into their little lives. It was a day well spent.
  2. We needed to get away from the pressure of “having to nail this thing down by this weekend.” This day away allowed us to refresh and rethink some options. It was a day well spent.
  3. We needed to spend time with our friends. Ten years from now we won’t remember the houses we looked at but we will remember the day we spent at the zoo with our friends, their kids and our kids. It was a day well spent.

Yesterday Rindy and one of her guys rolled into town to start doing the same thing… looking for a house.

A word about faith:

Looking for a house without a guaranteed income is a paradox: on the one hand there is fear that says, “What if I don’t have any money when it comes time to pay the mortgage/rent?” while on the other hand there is confidence that says, “My Father has called us to this. Therefore we will have what we need.”

Here’s where we’re at: our fear drives us to seek wisdom, and our confidence drives us to action.

Our fear does not stop us, it only makes us wiser in our confident action.

There are days when I tell Sherri, “I’m not sure I ever want to live like this again.” But then I turn right around and say, “Honestly I’m not sure that I don’t want to live like this, because it’s amazing to watch God provide in the most unusual and exciting ways!”

Anyhow, that’s what it’s like on this leg of the church planting journey.

One thought on “House hunting – day four

  1. Paul,
    the zoo is always a good call!
    speaking of zoos, I haven’t forgotten your call — I will check in with you next week.
    do you know about zoo reciprocity? Get a membership at a zoo and your membership gets you in at many other zoos! and not just the ones in OH!
    Thanks for getting it as a parent! 😀

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