House hunting – day six

Today we worshiped together as a family at Center Pointe church pastored by Ray Brock. It was great to sing worship songs with “The Ladies.” These guys literally have “Walls Down Church” “Paul and Sherri Peterson and their girls” and “Rindy Walton and her sons” written on the wall of their church to remind them to pray for us! This moves me deeply!

It was great to take a break from the rush of things and refocus on why we’re doing what we’re doing. Ray and the team from Center Pointe are doing a good job of connecting with people who are unchurched and often far from God.

After church we went and looked at two more houses. I think we know what we’re going to do. More to come in the next two days.

We watched as Rindy made her decision about where to live. What a great moment! By the way, you really need to read Rindy’s post about her church planting journey – read it here.

I was able sit in on Center Pointe’s small group training tonight. It’s always great to see how different churches approach small groups.

We have decided to stay one more day to make the decision on our housing arrangements, sign the necessary papers, open a bank account, and have lunch with some friends.

2 thoughts on “House hunting – day six

  1. Hey Paul, It was great getting to meet you last night, and it was great to have you with us in the small group training! Hope we will get to see more of you and your family in the coming months. Oh incidently my wife and I came from a church called Dove “A church without walls” in Wilmington. A wonderful place, we just felt like God was leading us elsewhere and it happened to be Center Pointe!

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