House hunting – day seven

It’s official! We now have an address and a bank account in Ohio!

Our final day of a seven day house hunting venture went like this:

  • Lunch with some friends @ drumroll please… Skyline Chili! People tell me I’ll soon grow weary of this delightful fare… I think not.
  • We looked one more time at the house we’ve been leaning towards for the last few days and then we made the call… “We want to rent this house.” We signed the papers, wrote the check, and sighed a BIG breath of relief! We now have a place to hang the proverbial hat!
  • We opened a bank account complete with our new mailing address!

At this point we’re planning on moving on the first week of July to this our new home…

As we drove around town today and interacted with so many different people I kept thinking… I can’t wait to get on the ground! I can’t wait to start meeting people and building the church! I can’t wait to begin making a new life here in the land where we will live until we die! I can’t wait to begin building relationships with people that we will love and grow with! I can’t wait to begin serving God and sharing His love with the good people… my people… the people of Warren County and beyond… those people who have yet to discover the wonderful life that Christ has promised to give! I can’t wait…

9 thoughts on “House hunting – day seven

  1. Awesome Paul!!
    I can’t wait to talk to you face to face in the next couple of months. We have already learnt so much from you and you and your family when it comes to following God in planting a new church.

  2. “Remember, God has put you where you are to be a blessing.” Looking forward to seeing how God will use these nice looking digs to glorify Himself!

    By the way, how did you open a bank account with $0.39? Do they give credit for nice-looking, well-behaved kids? Or is this a “eat 17 bowls of chili get a free account” promotional? LOL! and PTL!

  3. Very cute! So what’s your new address?

    You sound so final in this move. I can’t help but wonder, as a man of God (specifically a pastor), are you ever really sure that you will remain in one place for any length of time?? Just a thought.

    Good luck with your move!! We’ll be praying for a smooth transition!!

  4. It’s so cute! And it’s good that it has a 2 car garage for those horrible Ohio SNOWS!!! šŸ˜‰

  5. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!

    Here are some things I’m excited about:
    1-You have a new house
    2- Walls Down is going to MESS UP Cincinatti
    3-One day I will come with a mission team and eat at Skyline.
    4-I think Walls Down student ministry will be already growing and should to join us at FUEL next year.

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