Random reflections on moving

This post is a bit of a

  • My family was here this weekend. I didn’t enjoy them as much as I could have. I was too focused on everything we have to do. We did have a good time at the zoo though…
  • I am going to miss Mountain Lake Church and the friends we have made here. This is a really great church.
  • I want to die in Cincinnati… hopefully after many fruitful years of ministry, but I really do not want to move again. I want Lexington, Reagan, Dallas, and Ashton (and any other children we may have) to marry Cincinnati natives! I want to be a Cincinnati native! We are prepared to live the rest of our lives in Cincinnati if God would be pleased with that!
  • My dad is a good man. He is here to help us pack up the truck tomorrow. I want to help my kids when they get out on their own.
  • Sometimes when I get to focused on a task I wonder (in the back of my head… the more spiritual part of me) if I’ll regret, later, how I’m acting today. Probably. Dang it… have you ever known that your drivenness will cause you regret later? You’ll wish you would have lingered a little longer and been a little less task oriented and maybe a bit more relational?

And now some less thoughtful reflections:

  • Forest Griffin surprised me last night! He crushed Quentin (Rampage) Jackson. I’m not going to call Rampage “Rampage” anymore. After last night I believe I’ll just call him “Quentin.” (For those of you who are not UFC fans… forget it.)
  • My brother-in-law is a NASCAR fan. He spent last evening watching cars go in a circle… for several hours. I just don’t get that. He’s a good guy and all, but dang…
  • I absolutely love Facebook! I’m reconnecting with old high school friends through this wonderful social networking tool! Let’s be friends, but don’t freakin poke me. (If you’re not in “the know” about Facebook you can learn more about it here).

Oh, and one more thing…

  • I hate being so darn strong. Now everyone expects me to carry all the heavy stuff. Why’d I have to go and get so tough? Darn these guns of mine!

4 thoughts on “Random reflections on moving

  1. “I hate being so darn strong. Now everyone expects me to carry all the heavy stuff. Why’d I have to go and get so tough? Darn these guns of mine! ”

    Me too!

  2. Paul, I know you are moving from SEC country and all, so you have got to be a college football fan….Is it the Dawgs? I have a buddy from Georgia who is a Bulldogs fan! Anyways UFC Rocks but I tragicly missed the fight!

  3. In my blog post “Excuse This House” I recently shared thoughts on this idea of letting things go to be with the kids… The poem is a little tear jerker. check it out:) Happy moving!!

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