Getting insurance

For the last two days I’ve been on the phone with insurance agents comparing prices and policies.

I’m literally sick to my stomach and have an accompanying headache! Why the heck is insurance so freakin complicated? This stuff is driving me CRAZY!

For what it’s worth I now know the difference between comprehensive and collision…

Comprehensive covers your vehicle when your not moving or at fault.

Collision covers you when you’re moving and not at fault.

If that’s not right… don’t tell me because I’m in a foul mood and may strike you! GRRRRRRRRRRRR…

2 thoughts on “Getting insurance

  1. hey, I feel your pain, check out GEICO though, I work for them, we’ll make it as painless as possible for you.
    Comp is things like hitting an animal, weather damage, theft, vandalism, etc.
    Coll is if you hit a vehicle or something else (house, gas pump, etc.)

  2. Dude, call your money conscious friend that lives here in Cincinnati before you spend your money on insurance. I’ve got the hook up for insurance.

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