I played footsies with a giant

Yesterday I had one of my most embarrassing moments… ever!

We had a friend, a virtual giant of a man, come over to our house to help us slog through the insurance swamp.scott smith

Scott is over six foot, weighs in at a good 300 pounds and plays minor league football in the area. This was the second time I’d ever seen Scott in my life!

OK, now to the good stuff.

We were sitting diagonally across the table from each other as we discussed insurance. Truth be told, though Scott was articulate and made insurance easy to understand… I was a bit bored. I began to fidget a bit, but because I didn’t want Scott to see it, I fidgeted under the table… with my foot on the rail of the chair directly across from me.

After a bit, Scott looked at me and said, “Are you playing footsies with me?” I said, “NO”, but looked under the table just to make sure! And then I realized…

The “leg” of the chair that I had been feeling up with my toes was in fact Scott’s big toe that protruded from his sandals!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I was mortified! Humiliated! I turned a bright shade of red, thought about all of the manly, totally heterosexual things I could say, but the only thing that came out was… “Dude!”

I told Scott that usually I wait until the third date to make my move, but apparently he had endeared himself so much to me that I was ready to do my thing on our second meeting!

Good gosh… that was terrible!

12 thoughts on “I played footsies with a giant

  1. Haha Scott called me and told me all about “the move” you made with him after he left your house!

  2. Kinda manly,
    Remember David Crowder foot wrestled on stage??!!
    You have now entered the cool zone…..

  3. Sorry Paul, but I gotta break it to you gently, My man crushes are on Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) and Dan Simpson from CP (only cause we get along like brothers LMBO)

  4. maybe i’ll find a manly man to watch ufc with on Saturday night. You may not see it as fighting.

  5. I have to stop drinking coffee and reading your blog at the same time. This is twice in one week that I have had to clean coffee off from my keyboard that landed there via my nose!. First the worms and now this. Dude this is no way to make an impression on a community!! LOL

  6. hahahahahahahahaha! You’re obviously manly enough to broadcast it on the blog. That’s hilarious. I humiliate myself all the time! Welcome!

  7. Dude! The red face is my fav… you wear it sooo well. You keep this up and you may have to join the UM church to keep your ordination.

  8. I lauged so hard it hurt–That has happened to me before….I would have loved to see your face—Great work Paul—-MAC

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