Where does a church planter go to church (Part 2)

Part two in the continuing saga… (read part one here)

On the one hand I’d like to settle in to a home church for a couple of months, make some friends, and enjoy some routine.

On the other hand I think it’s important to visit area churches. Why? Because I want to know what kind of churches are in our area. I want to know the spiritual temperature of our area because I’m confident we will be recommending other churches to people who come through the doors of Walls Down Church.

I know that there will be people who will come to Walls Down church and NOT like what we’re doing. Here’s the bottom line… I don’t want them to be a part of Walls Down church. BUT I do want them to be a part of a Christ-centered community. I want to be able to recommend other church alternatives with integrity and a clear conscience, and the only way to do this is to meet pastors and observe worship experiences.

This exercise allows me to say to someone who comes to and doesn’t like Walls Down, “Walls Down may not be the church for you, but let me recommend ******* down the street.”

The only way to accomplish this is to sacrifice my desire for a home church for these next few months, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just a note for other church planters, Sherri and I came to this decision together. This is too big of a decision to make unilaterally. I need her buy in on this. Truth be told, she arrived at this position before I did!


I’m confident that we will make multiple visits to local churches but our ultimate quest is to identify churches that we will recommend to people who do not like our ministry strategy at Walls Down.

Thanks to all of you who have given feedback on this subject!

3 thoughts on “Where does a church planter go to church (Part 2)

  1. That’s a great idea. Having talked to several friends who have left churches that weren’t for them, they say it is a relief to have a pastor not be possessive. Otherwise they feel like a commodity.

  2. Paul,

    Let me share my favorite Bible verse with you…

    “Ben loves you and has a plan for your life.”
    Hezekiah 3:16

    Seriously, in your looking around and studying the area, you are welcomed here. You and your family are welcomed at 4 Corners. No territorialism, lots of encouragement – your kids will love it.


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