What does a church planter do to get ready?

The other day a church planter who’s moving to the area where he will start a new church, asked me what I was going to be doing once we moved to Cincinnati. Here’s the list:

  1. Getting our family settled in
  2. Focusing on personal, spiritual development
  3. Raising funds = lots of meetings
  4. Networking with local leaders (church and otherwise)
  5. Building relationships with unchurched people in the area
  6. Developing our staff
  7. Developing our core group
  8. Refining our systems
  9. Preparing for launch = purchases, securing a site, etc.
  10. Developing our teaching calendar

And I’m confident that more responsibilities will arise as we get closer to launch!

One thought on “What does a church planter do to get ready?

  1. Hey Paul! I’d be interested in hearing more in future posts about #s 6,7, & 8. It seems that they are really connected and the communication, in a simple way, of #8 to the staff and core group is crucial. I’d love to hear how you will be communicating “The Walls Down Way” in a simple form.

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