Some Walls Down waddup

Over the last few days there’s been a flurry of activity around Walls Down:

  • Walls Down now officially has an address – Walls Down Church P.O. Box 498829 Cincinnati, OH 45249-8829
  • We are setting up our office (in the lower level of my house, for now). This includes setting up a separate phone line, getting a copier (thanks Ray!), setting up desk space, etc.
  • We had our first staff meeting, and set the Walls Down calendar for the coming months!
  • We clarified meeting expectations. I’ll post those later, but in the meantime, if you haven’t read Patrick Lencioni’s book, Death by Meeting, please do yourself and everyone you meet with a favor and GO BUY AND READ IT!
  • A few other things are keeping us busy these days: setting budgets, securing a meeting location, documenting systems and processes, meeting new people, raising start-up funds, talking with church planting coaches, developing a web-presence (website, Facebook, MySpace, blogs), and a ton of other fun stuff!
  • It is an honor to work with Rindy. She is committed to the vision of helping people discover the life Jesus promised. She is passionate and articulate. She grasps the big picture, yet is attentive to detail. She has left everything (friends, income, home, security, etc.) to pursue this calling of God on her life. She is doing it full-time with no salary other than the funds she is able to raise on her own. She is doing it not because of what she may gain, but because of what she can give. It is an honor to serve with her.
  • Right now God is teaching me how to worship. He’s redefining my understanding of prayer. I’m sure I’ll post about that later, but for now it’s sufficient to say that prayer/worship is a critical part of this whole process… and no I didn’t just stick this in here to spiritualize the rest of this stuff!

One thought on “Some Walls Down waddup

  1. Glad to hear that you are keeping connected with the Free Methodist Church. I don’t know much specific about the FMC in Ohio, but I like the direction God is leading us in the northeast (although I am admittedly biased). We’ve been praying for you and Walls Down Church and will keep doing so. May God give you wisdom and peace!

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