Working with a church board

Two books that every senior pastor should read and lead his/her board through are:

  1. Go Big – by Bil Cornelius and Bill Easum, and
  2. The Unity Factor (the 2006 edition) by Larry Osborne

These books approach the subject of church leadership differently, but both are well worth the read!

In Go Big, the authors strongly advocate a pastor/staff led church. In The Unity Factor, Osborne advocates the use of a church board to provide leadership to the church.

While I lean more towards the staff led paradigm for multiple reasons, I walked away from Osborne’s book with a TON of great takeaways!

One of the best things we did as a leadership team (staff and church board), in the church I previously served at, was to take a two day retreat and work through the principles of Go Big! It helped our church move from more of a board led paradigm to one in which the staff was granted more freedom to initiate and execute ideas.

Whatever your take on how a church should be led, you will benefit greatly by picking up these two books and working through them with your team!

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