What will we do?

I read these questions on Mark Beeson’s blog (he got them from George Hunter III’s book, Radical Outreach).

And now from Mark’s blog…

Five Questions (pivotally important for a congregation considering radical outreach)

  1. Do we want to know them?
    Most of our Christians do not fraternize with really unchurched people.
  2. Are we willing to go where they are?
    Most churches avoid their city’s gathering places, where people engage in conversation and look for Life, lest believers be offended, or even tempted.
  3. Are we willing to spend time with them?
    Outreach ministry involves scheduled time, and sweat equity.
  4. Do we want secular and outside-the-establishment people in our churches?
    At least 80% of our churches fail ever to reach out to two groups of people:
    (1)  people who are not “refined” enough to feel comfortable in church; people who have never acquired a “church etiquette” need not apply;
    (2) people whose lifestyles are too different from ours, or whose lives are too “
  5. Are we willing for our church to become their church too?
    A missionary context requires, in at least some services and ministries, that we adapt to the style, the language, the aesthetics and (yes) the music of the people we are called to reach.

These questions get to the very heart of why we are starting Walls Down Church. We want to tear down the walls that keep people from knowing the life that Jesus promised, and much of this requires that we answer these five questions affirmatively.

By the way, if you don’t read Pastor Mark’s blog, you’re really missing out! He is one of the most encouraging, empowering, and refreshing leaders I know of!

One thought on “What will we do?

  1. Are we willing to go where they are?

    Are we willing to spend time with them?

    Yes, and Yes,.

    Just finished an amazing week of VBS to an apartment complex 1 mile from the church. The 80 foot slip and slide down their hill was the biggest hit!

    I love getting out of the 4 walls!

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