This morning I was honored to speak at my friend, Ray Brock’s church.

It felt great to preach again! It felt great to feel the weight that comes with speaking the word of God to people. Last night I laid in bed and prayed for the people and the word that they would hear. That is something that only pastors can know, and I’ve missed it!

Thanks Ray and Center Pointe for the opportunity to bring the word of God to you.

3 thoughts on “Ahhh…

  1. Paul you are a dear friend and we were honored to have you and the Walls down team with us today at Cener Pointe. Thanks bro for delivering a message that ROCKED!

  2. Paul it was awesome to hear you preach and we were glad to have you, and what you preached about is something that I always struggle with, praying effectively! It was a great message, thanks again!

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