Re-think money… church style

I’m so excited! For the next three days my friend and financial mentor, Casey Graham, will be writing a three part blog series!

  • On Tuesday, Casey will discuss a holistic stewardship solution as opposed to what most churches do.. teach a money class every now and then! Casey will be talking about the importance of systems and financial education in the church!
  • On Wednesday Casey will teach us about the five most important financial systems to develop in the church.
  • On Thursday he will talk about the Law of Large Numbers, and encourage pastors to help their people discover financial freedom through some great resources!

I highly recommend Casey as a friend and a professional!

Coming next week we will be hosting Dr. Duane Scarborough, a friend and incredible parent, as he and his bride, Barb, share some best practices for parents! It’s going to be a great couple of weeks!

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