I’m a confident church planter

Thanks to our one year church planting residency through Churchplanters.com and Mountain Lake Church, I am confident in our preparation as we begin Walls Down Church.

We have a clear vision, an equally clear strategy, documented processes, a good team, financing, etc. All of this would make it easy to forget the greatest source of confidence.

The reality is that I’ve never started a new church before. The reality is that our systems, etc. are only as good as the people executing them, and we all know that people are prone to error! The reality is that in spite of our clear vision, documented processes, etc. we could still blow it and be a statistic… another failed church plant. But I’m not scared of that. Why? Because of what I read in Psalms this morning, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (Psalm 20:7).

While we don’t have chariots and horses around Walls Down, we do have clear vision, a good team, etc…. all things that would be easy to place confidence in. The greater reality, for me however, is that God has called us to start Walls Down church. He has placed us in an incredible network of people. He has given us great resources and allowed us some wonderful ministry experiences, but my confidence comes not from those things, but from the clear calling and assurance that I have from God to do this work in this place.

I am grateful for vision, strategies, technology, team, processes, financing, etc. but I’m more grateful for a clear call from my Leader and the subsequent assurance that comes from simply following!

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