Some waddup

In the midst of starting a new church we still have a personal life!

Some updates:

  • Saturday was our eleventh anniversary! After eleven years of marriage, I am more in love with Sherri than ever!
  • This morning we are taking Lexington and Reagan to meet their teachers! I can’t believe we have two of the four ladies in school!
  • My girls have a doll named, Shitta. I promise! I have no clue where they get this stuff and I only hope they don’t decide to abbreviate this name!
  • Ashton ate an entire ice cream cone last night! She literally buried her face in it and consumed it! Her little cheeks were fire engine red from the cold, but she didn’t stop until it was all gone!

ashton eating ice cream

  • Lexington and I went kayaking the other day on our date! It was incredible to spend an hour on the lake with my little princess!

lexington and daddy kayaking

I’m outa here…

6 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Happy Anniversary dude. Sherri most be an incredible woman putting up with you my friend. My Anniversary was on the 8th, 16 yrs, pretty good when the pastor who married us told us we statistically wouldn’t last. see ya

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