Parenting best practices (Part 4): Rules

Alright guys, we’re winding this series up tomorrow so let us know what you’re thinking! Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have any “best practices” to share with everyone else reading this blog?

Alright, Heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeessssss…. Duuuuuaaaannnneeee and Baaaarrrrbbbb!!!!! (Spoken in my best Bruce Buffer voice)

parents rulesParents have the right and responsibility to maintain a safe environment in their home and set a standard of decorum that the children will have to abide by as long as they are in that home. This is particularly important as the teen years go by. TV, the computer, and video games although great sources of entertainment and learning also have great potential for encouraging rebellious and destructive behavior. These things create new challenges for today’s parents. Extra diligence is needed to be aware of what influences are being followed.

As your child heads toward adulthood they are more and more responsible for their own decisions, actions and controlling the direction of their lives. When your child ends up leaving your home to be on their own depends upon a lot of variables. College, job opportunities and financial considerations all play a role. Sometimes they will come and go a few times before they are able to successfully make it on their own. Unfortunately sometimes they make the decision of when they leave your home because they refuse to live by the rules you have established and have to be asked to leave. That can be the best thing for them and your home. Leave the door wide open for communication to continue but don’t welcome them back to stay unless they live under the rules you establish.

Despite your best efforts there is no guarantee that the sailing will be smooth.

(Paul talking) Tomorrow we’re wrapping this series up with a couple of final thoughts from our guest bloggers, Duane and Barb!

2 thoughts on “Parenting best practices (Part 4): Rules

  1. Thanks Duane and Barb for these posts!

    I agree that as parents we need to “set a standard” for our kids in our homes. Too often parents justify what they allow with “kids will be kids” or “I don’t want to be the bad guy”.

    But in setting those standards, I think it’s just as “dangerous” to be too sheltering and limiting. I’ve seen parents “forbid” their kids from listening to certain music, being with certain friends or going anywhere to “protect” them from everything bad. Unfortunately, the kids either rebel against it, or don’t know how to handle it when they are finally on their own!

    Yes, we need to set the examples and not have an anything goes mentality, but just as important is to discuss and tell the “why” behind the “what” and help them think through every situation. This builds respect for their thoughts and teaches them how to discern (not simply follow) right from wrong.

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