Brian Tome on fear

Today we visited Crossroads Church. Pastor Brian Tome talked about moving beyond fear! He had some really great content! By the way, this guy is a brilliant communicator! Some favorite quotes:

  • “On the other side of fear is the great stuff!”
  • “Identify and break through your fear to go to the next level.”
  • “The greatest moments of worship are always on the other side of fear.”

Brian shed some light on the big deal about the Chinese/Olympic age scandal. He referenced a news story which said, “The reason the Chinese might have to tell a fib [about the age of their athletes]? Simple, young girls make perfect gymnasts, with their bodies and minds uncluttered with the fear of falling and failure.”

This point is BRILLIANT!

The older we are, the more inclined we are to make decisions, or not make decisions, based on FEAR! If it affects Olympians, you can bet it affects Joe Six-Pack… and you and me too!

What are you scared of?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you just did what you’re scared of?

What’s the best thing that could happen if you just did it?

Don’t let fear hold you back from what God has created and called you to do and be!

If you’ve never heard Brian talk about this topic, you’ll definitely want to carve out 7 minutes and 49 seconds and watch this interview with Brian as he encourages us to make aggressive mistakes!

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