Pastor Paul Peterson’s Political Ponderings

Sitting here watching the Democratic Convention… waiting for Hillary Clinton.

Look, I know “preachers aren’t supposed to talk about politics” but I do follow the political process rather closely and I do have some thoughts. How worthwhile they are remains to be seen, but because this is my blog here they are:

  • Give me a break… who cares how many houses John McCain owns. Why don’t we celebrate success rather than complain about and punish it? And, in case you haven’t heard, Barack Obama lives in an expensive home too.
  • I drive two vehicles, both are paid for and both are 1998’s. Do you possibly think that either of these men, or any politician for that matter, can identify with me? I have four kids… all girls… do you think anyone can identify with me? Okay, forget about identifying with me.
  • Over these next few days we’re going to hear at least two people say exactly the opposite of what they said a few months ago: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Next week in Minnesota the same thing will happen with the Republicans.
  • I’m a little sick of politicians showing up in church to get votes.
  • Since when is the truth considered a smear tactic? Why is it such a bad thing to point to voting records, positions held, decisions made, etc. when comparing one politician to another? We’re talking about a fairly important position here so let’s get the facts. Trust us, the people, to weed out the crap.
  • I’m a little tired of people in expensive suits and pristine offices telling me how to live. Ohhhh… that sounds like some preachers. Okay, forget that one too. šŸ˜‰

OK, here’s what I’ve gotta do…

I’ve gotta pray for my leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

Alright, I’m outa here… she’s up!

6 thoughts on “Pastor Paul Peterson’s Political Ponderings

  1. Amen Brother Paul!

    I tried watching, but it just gave me gas!!!

    I won’t watch next week’s either.

    I thought it was funny the same day there was such a big stink about McCain’s houses, they showed a video of Ted Kennedy that got a rowsing applause. It seemed like every picture of the man was on his multi-million $$ yacht!

  2. Hey Paul, We miss you brother, and not the playing footsies part either, I got a new cell phone by the way and my new number is 513-505-1570

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