A message to our politicians

I am completely frustrated at the levels to which our “leaders” have stooped.

With terroristic threats behind every corner, gas prices through the roof, a continual decay in our educational system, immigration issues, starvation and disease eliminating obscene numbers of people daily, dysfunctional global relations, an impotent political structure, and MANY other key issues… the politicians have chosen to focus on name calling.

These people sound like children on a play ground. In any other setting, an adult would step in and make them stop. But in politics, the adults are the perpetrators. We would not allow school children to act like these “leaders” and yet we daily watch as they act out, and in a couple of months we are going to vote one of them into the most powerful office in the world.

May I say to all of our elected officials… Grow up.

Get over yourselves. Stop freaking out about racism, sexism, farm-animalism, and any other kind of “-ism” you could possibly conjure  up in your politically correct minds.

Speak clearly about the issues that we the people, YOUR EMPLOYERS, care about. Distinguish yourself from your opposition by focusing on the facts. AND MAY I SAY THAT FACTS INCLUDE YOUR VOTING RECORD, ASSOCIATIONS, AND QUOTES IN CONTEXT.

Stop with the playground antics and start acting like leaders worth trusting with the most incredible nation in the world.

One thought on “A message to our politicians

  1. It’s ridiculous. The name of the game is to say what you have to say to win. The reason campaigns cost so much is not because of advertising, it’s to pay the teams of strategist they hire to tell them what to say and how to say it.

    Unfortunately it’s up to us (who care) to look beyond the crap and figure out what each candidate is all about.

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