The best thing a church planter can do

Hey gang!

My mentors, the team are hosting one of the most practical learning experiences a church planter can have – the church planters coaching network!

I just wrapped up a one year church planting residency with these guys. Among a TON of valuable experiences (a year of living in the Mountain Lake Church culture; regularly rubbing shoulders with high capacity leaders; visiting a ton of church plants; attending multiple conferences; etc.) the one that stands out as the most valuable is the coaching network! logo
Every month for six months, a group of 10-12 church planters gathers to discuss the five best practices of church planting with Shawn Lovejoy, David Putman and occasional guests.

One of the most valuable pieces of this experience was hearing the best practices run through the grid of leaders who are on the ground in various stages of the church planting journey.

Shawn and David are hitting it out of the park and sharing everything they’re learning! I promise, you’ll walk away from these sessions with your arms loaded with resources, a group of new friends, mentors just a phone call away, and a renewed focus on the best practices for church planting!

If you haven’t been through a coaching experience, or you have but need some refreshing, please stop what you’re doing and go sign up now! You can do it here!

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