Goodbye to a… hmmm… friend

Today we said “Goodbye” to a friend… our van.

Today we left our friend at a car lot as we drove off in another van.

Today we said goodbye to a van that has:

  • carried two of our four girls home from the hospital
  • survived a deer and the rear-end of another car
  • made me get several speeding tickets
  • carried us to: Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York City, Orlando, Hershey, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Emerald Island, Buffalo, Rochester, Spartanburg, and a ton of other cities!
  • held us as we sang, cried, laughed, puked, told stories, yelled, prayed, meditated, and expressed ourselves in a multitude of other ways
  • made me an expert at changing lock and tumblers
  • broke us into the mini-van scene
  • side-swiped our real-estate agent’s car after she told us our house was priced to high

Today we say goodbye to our minivan. Tonight we bid farewell to a van, a friend, a holder of many memories.

And now a pictorial tribute and a moment of silence…
van on the tripvan and sadie

3 thoughts on “Goodbye to a… hmmm… friend

  1. Barb will be sad… she just asked how the grape-mobile was doing when we came home from our visit… And Paul, that thing took to much of the throw up abuse… the failing transmission is a ruse to get away and find another family who does not take “pump it till you puke” so literally! so when do you introduce us to the new one?

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