Some Walls Down waddup

We’ve got a few things going on at Walls Down…

  • Next week I’ll draw my first paycheck from the Walls Down Bank account. After feedback from several reliable sources we decided to use Paychex to do our payroll processing. At this point, any income is a result of individuals and churches that have partnered with us to provide our salary. Thanks to each of you who have made this commitment!
  • We’re working on the Walls Down By-Laws.  Fun. Very fun.
  • We’re still in the hunt for a building to meet in. We have several leads that we’re following.
  • This weekend is our second party in the park. At these parties we are reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, sharing the vision of Walls Down Church, asking people to join us, and asking them to connect us to their friends.
  • In October, we are planning three Informational Meetings where we will begin laying out the Walls Down vision in clear terms and inviting people to join us!
  • Beginning in November we will begin meeting weekly as a church. Our public launch will be on January 4, 2009! I can’t wait!
  • Having Rindy on the team sure makes everything go smoother! Right now her and my bride, Sherri, are talking through the food logistics for the party this Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Some Walls Down waddup

  1. Have you considered using a Skyline Chili establishment for your meeting place. It sounds like you have a great relationship with all of them within a 50 mile radius. I don’t blame you, cause it is one great place to eat.

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