Five qualities of leaders (John Stott)

mentor and protegeLately I’ve been reading through the books of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. These books are commonly referred to as the “Pastoral Letters.” They are letters written by an aging pastor (Paul) to two young pastors (Timothy and Titus). Reading these letters is like sitting in on a mentoring session with St. Paul. It’s rich and insightful!

As I read I am also taking advantage of John Stott’s insight on these letters. His commentary on these letters adds helpful insight and perspective to the ancient but timeless counsel of St. Paul.

This morning, Stott shared an insight on leadership worth chronicling:

“Here are five qualities which are needed by Christian leaders in their dealings with others for whom they are responsible:

  • Appreciation (affirming outstanding performance)
  • Fairness (not listening to unsubstantiated accusations)
  • Impartiality (avoiding all favoritism)
  • Caution (not reaching hasty decisions)
  • Discernment (looking beyond the outward appearance to the heart)

Stott says, “Whenever these principles are in operation, mistakes will be avoided, the church will be preserved in peace and love, and God’s name will be protected from dishonor.”

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