Why we went with Church Community Builder

We have spent a lot of time reviewing information management systems. In particular we reviewed three systems:

  1. Connection Power
  2. Fellowship One
  3. Church Community Builder

Our review process included:

  • Discussions with reps from each company (multiple discussions in some cases)
  • Discussions with churches using each of the databases
  • Online interactions with the databases themselves
  • Price comparison
  • Ability comparison

At the end of the day we decided to go with Church Community Builder.

We made the decision to go with Church Community Builder as our church information management system for the following reasons:

  1. It is web-based (as are most of the other information management systems)
  2. The range of features it offered
  3. The training resources available
  4. The pricing
  5. The recommendation of other churches using it (Freedom Church; Pine Ridge)
  6. The relative simplicity and ease of use when compared with the other databases
  7. The ability to customize it to our specific needs

Some good points about the other two:

  • Fellowship One is just flat out sexy. Maybe that’s why all the big dogs are using it?
  • Connection Power can be used in contexts that do NOT have internet connection (e.g. a school).

4 thoughts on “Why we went with Church Community Builder

  1. Paul
    Heidi and I had a good chuckle today thinking about what you said about Fellowship One! While we are glad we are using it, we wouldn’t exactly use that word to describe it! hahaha!
    Take care fella!

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