Some waddup (personal and Walls Down)

I’m pretty excited about what’s unfolding this week!

  • Today we’ll be visiting the Antioch Church at the Y. Pastor David has an exciting vision for how to re-engage the YMCA in it’s original mission. We’re excited to partner with the YMCA as Walls Down starts!
  • Tonight we will spend the evening with our friends at Springdale Nazarene Church. They are hosting a marriage seminar at which I’ll be teaching a lesson on the topic of “Celebrating our Differences.”
  • This week we have some guests from out of town coming in to spend a few days. I’m looking forward to what God is up to as this relationship blossoms.
  • Reagan has her first field-trip this week. I can’t believe our second daughter is old enough to go on a field-trip!
  • This morning God leaned into me and gave me the teaching series for the entire month of November! Our launch team will be meeting at the YMCA Express and gearing up for the public launch of Walls Down on January 4th. I am so looking forward to loving and leading the church again!
  • Last night God whispered something into my heart. I typically speak of doing whatever it takes to help people discover the life that Jesus has promised. Last night as I lay in bed I sensed this question, “Will you pray?” This is more than just a “morning prayer.” It is extended, focused prayer for the people of my city… the people who do not yet know the life that Jesus has promised. Will I pray for them? The answer is yes. I will work hard and pray long for the people God has called us to serve and share the gospel with.

One thought on “Some waddup (personal and Walls Down)

  1. Paul,
    I just went to church at Antioch on Monday morning by listening to the podcast. Wow! Great communication with passion — super challenge! I love the ministry “announcements” at the end of the service. Awesome.

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