Some Walls Down waddup

These are exciting days!

  • We heard back from the elementary school today. We’ve been in conversation with them about the possibility of Walls Down meeting in their facilities. Their price per week/month was very exciting! We are not ready to pull the trigger though, because we are still in conversation with the movie theater about meeting there. It’s good to have more than one option.
  • Today we had a conversation with First Choice Mailers, a mailing house that we will be working with to help us as we prepare to send out our mailers. Tom Planck has been giving us some great insight on the whole mailer process.
  • Today we looked at some equipment for Walls Down Church. The buying/acquiring phase has begun!
  • Tomorrow I’ll be picking up 100 yard signs we’ll be posting around town and the banner we’ll be hanging in front of the YMCA.
  • I am blessed by the partnership of other churches in the area.
  • This week I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several people that God will use in very significant ways to expand His work in the world, and maybe in Maineville.

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