Helping others is not convenient

Last night I had the chance to help some friends. My friends really needed some time, some love, and some muscle power.

Honestly, this week I’m feeling like I have none of the above.

This week we:

  • Have company in
  • Have had a number of important meetings
  • Are preparing for our first Informational Meeting at the YMCA (that means there are purchases to make, a talk to finalize, an environment to create, people to contact, and a ton of prayers to be prayed!)
  • All of this in addition to the regular process of caring for a family of six

So I got the call asking for help. Honestly, I was overwhelmed and even thought, “I sure want to help, but this is a terribly inconvenient time to pack up the car and make a trip to go help.”

I came up with a ton of excuses:

  • We need to be good hosts and good hosts don’t just leave their company.
  • We have a ton of work to do before this weekend: signs to post around town, purchases to make, etc.
  • Yada yada yada…

I was leaning towards the old “I’ll be praying for you” line when God leaned into me.

He said, “Dude, this problem isn’t convenient for your friends either. This problem didn’t come at a good time for anyone, but everyone is being impacted by it, now get off your can and go help.”

So, I rallied up some friends, including our company, and we all piled into two vehicles and went to help my friends.

As we were helping it occurred to me that problems and tough times never come at a good time. Problems are always an inconvenience.

The decision to help is NOT a question of convenience, it’s a question of Christlikeness. Would Jesus say, “I”ll be praying for you” and then go do what was convenient for Him, or would He say, “I’ll be right over.” In case you’re wondering… He’d be right over.

Last night was a late night. Last night was an uncomfortable night at points. Last night cost money. Last night took hours I could have used elsewhere. Last night was not convenient, but last night I did what Jesus would have done and crazy enough I feel deeply satisfied.

Convenience or Christlikeness?

Convenience may accomplish your agenda, but Christlikeness accomplishes God’s agenda and makes life better for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Helping others is not convenient

  1. I blew this one this week. Paul thanks for the transparent sharing.

    The old expression “if it were easy everyone would be doing it” comes to mind.

    On the flip side, partnering with a friend to help others in need (true fellowship) builds relationship strength! I think a fence project comes to my mind! 🙂 Hope its still standing! (the fence and the friendship)

  2. much appreciated!

    “last night I did what Jesus would have done and CRAZY enough I feel deeply satisfied.”

    i need to buy you a thesaurus.

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