My favorite color

Orange is now my favorite color.

In years past I have not had a favorite color. I saw no need for it.

Today I have a favorite color.

Perhaps you are asking, “Why Paul do you have a favorite color now, and why is your favorite color orange?”

Let me shed light upon this question.

The color of the Walls Down logo is orange.

I am the pastor of Walls Down Church.

Therefore, my favorite color is orange.

Ahhh… do you see now?

Why is it that this post has even made it to the surface on this otherwise respectable blog?

Because ALL day I have been in stores shopping for supplies for this weekend… our first Walls Down Informational Meeting! I do not like to shop at all… much less all day.

After shopping all day Sherri drove me around town and I posted yard signs proclaiming the arrival of Walls Down Church.

So, before you worry about the frivolous nature of this blog post… give a brother a break and send a prayer or two this way this weekend!

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