The teaching at Walls Down

At Walls Down Church you can expect that every week you will hear teaching that:

  • Addresses issues that you’re dealing with
  • Comes from the Bible
  • Calls you to life-changing action
  • Points to Jesus

Look, we’ve all gone to church, invested an hour, and walked away saying, “What the heck was he talking about?”

Sermons that start with the various theories of the atonement and don’t move further than that are pointless and unhelpful.

I have a Masters of Divinity Degree. I took 15 hours of Greek and six hours of Hebrew. I regularly read theology books, and I love a healthy debate about theological issues, but I realize that I’m a bit odd in that regard.

Joe the Plumber… ever hear of him 😉 isn’t concerned with Greek, Hebrew, and the intricacies of the five theories of the atonement.

Joe the Plumber isn’t wondering what the dragon and the beast in the book of Revelation are all about, and he sure as heck isn’t wondering what the Greek word for “forgiveness” is.

Joe is working through issues like:

  • Disappointment – That didn’t work like I thought it would… where do I go from here?
  • Success – I’ve got it… now what?
  • Guilt – I just can’t forgive myself.
  • Anger – I live one degree from boiling and it’s killing me and my family.
  • Lust – I hate it, but I’m hooked on porn and real close to cheating on my wife.
  • Drivenness – I’m working way too much… watching my kids grow up without me… I need to change…
  • Questions of purpose – Is this what I was made to do/be?
  • Relationships – How do I be better husband? Son? Parent? etc.
  • Finances – I want to get out of debt but this economy is killing me!
  • Forgiveness – I know I should but dang… it’s tough
  • Confidence – If they only knew, I’m not as confident as I act… what would they think?
  • Affirmation – I love it when she tells me she’s proud of me.
  • Romance – Yea, I need some of that in my marriage.
  • Etc. – What the… Oh, it’s an abbreviation for etcetera.

These are the things that keep Joe awake at night and they are the things we will be talking about!

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