Kids and meds

One of my favorite bloggers is Crystal Corn.

Crystal is a passionate follower of Christ, a high school teacher who makes me wish I were in high school again, and a thoughtful writer.

A few days ago she wrote a post that was so good I asked her if I could cut and paste it onto my blog. She has consented and here it is…

A thought for parents (by Crystal Corn)

Please don’t be offended by this post. I get it. Some kids have legitimate medical problems that require medication…..but 4 years of teaching has lead me to the conclusion that our definition of “legitimate” is far too wide, and often tragic. I can’t tell you how many kids in EACH of my 5 classes have said, “Miss Corn..sorry if I’m tired/in a bad mood/not paying attention/etc. but they’re regulating my meds again and I”m really having a hard time”. One of my kids actually made the courageous decision to quit meds completely and….get this….learn to COPE with his attention defecit because the meds made this 13-year-old suicidal!

Today I ran across a little more wisdom from a pop musician (Gavin Degraw). It’s worth your consideration….

Tell ’em, “Say no to drugs”
“Substances make you dumb”
Then you say, “give ’em some”
Are you the victim
Of this experience
Child experiment
Teacher’s predicament?
You’re in THE SYSTEM

And if you don’t walk the line
You can walk the plank
Your older brother (government)
Wants to control your mind
You’re more useful blank

Medicate the kids
Feathers turn to quills
Pump ’em full of training fluids
Powders and pills
There’s nothing you can’t flush out
And nothing you can’t kill

Why don’t you just back off of us
Before we go crazy?
I’m gonna tell you,
“No way,
This ain’t fair play,
Just don’t medicate me”

Tell ’em, “Say no to drugs”
“Substances make you dumb”
Unless you get ’em from
Someone who loves you
One who knows best for you
Paid for those tests for you
Knows how to get you through
When it’s above you
And you can’t get on top
Cause it’s high to climb,
You hear them saying,
“Don’t make me call the cops”
Every other time

And there’s a long line
Flowing from prescription aisles
Filed through legal means
So we can alter the child
For his protection
Tie him to extension cords,
This is the age of discipline

One last word: Allow me to be real with you. Teachers are real people. We get tired. We get frustrated. We have dozens of kids that we didn’t raise each day. Sometimes, it’s super easy to day “I think this one may need testing for _______.” And sometimes we’re just wrong. Use your noggins folks. They’re your kids first. Meds are a LAST resort…not a first option.

Paul speaking again…

If you are interested in reading further about this subject, a must-read book is Your Drug May Be Your Problem.

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