Tearing down walls… one dollar at a time

wall breakingIn less than sixty days Walls Down Church is going to explode out of the gates and begin demolishing the walls that separate people from the life Jesus promised.

We know that Jesus has promised a “rich and satisfying life” to everyone who believes in Him (see John 10:10), but there are a TON of people who are not experiencing this life.

There are a few reasons that people have not experienced this life:

  1. They have never made that step of faith and began following a leader they cannot see.
  2. They have tried religion/church but found it to be nothing more than a time waster on Sunday morning.
  3. They have not realized the temporal and eternal benefits of surrendering control of their lives to another leader… Jesus.
  4. The Christian faith has been misrepresented by bumper sticker Christians and consequently turned people off.

And the list goes on…

Walls Down Church has been appointed by God to do one thing… tear down those walls that keep people separated from Jesus!

And now we need your help.

Our plan is to explode out of the gate on January 4th. We are going big and that costs money.

We will tell people that Walls Down Church is here… that costs money for the direct mail, yard signs, posters, give-aways (e.g. the Re-Think Money conference that we are paying for everything including the calculators that people will use during the conference), etc.

We will explode out of the gate with a rocking worship band… that costs money for speakers, mixing boards, video equipment, computers, etc.

We will make our children’s ministry environment better than the Chuck E Cheese’s… that costs money for the sound equipment, floor mats, lesson plans, etc.

We will create an environment on the weekends that feels like Starbucks, sounds like a rock concert, and has the results of a Billy Graham crusade… that costs money for the lobby furniture, Bibles, lights, etc.

We will create a familiar, exciting, encouraging, life-changing environment where people will meet Jesus. The power of addictions will be shattered, separated husbands and wives will be reconciled, people living with guilt from old secrets will experience freedom through forgiveness, men who disdain church will get involved to the surprise of their wives and friends, communities will be changed as a result of the power of Christ working through the church, church planters will be trained, churches will be planted, missionaries will be sent, and everyone will know that Jesus is at work. This is what God has called the church to do.

The need is obvious… the time is right… The only thing missing is you.

Will you help Walls Down Church explode out of the gate on January 4th?

How? You can give an online offering to the Walls Down ministry by clicking here. This link will direct you to a secure PayPal site where you can give your offering. All offerings are tax deductible and will go towards the demolition effort of tearing down walls!

Please know this, every gift is important! There is no gift too small, and certainly no gift too big!

One of the most amazing lessons I’ve learned over the last year as we’ve raised our salary is that the much of our most consistent support has come from people who are giving the $20 – $100 dollar gifts.

$1, $5, $10, $20, $100, $1000, $10,000, $25,000 … every offering that is given will be used to get the army ready to tear down those walls!

So, click here… give an offering… and help people discover the life Jesus promised!
tearing down walls

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