Walls Down at the YMCA – the weekend in pictures

Here are some pics of what the Walls Down setting looks like at the YMCA Express:

Pulling up…


It’s a YMCA…


The first sign you see on your way in…


Coffee and some encouragement for the day…


When you go to the bathroom you’ll see one of these…


When you walk into the room where we’re meeting with our start team you’ll see this table… (uhhhh, usually there’s candy in the dish too! I apparently captured this pic pre-fill!)


Then you’ll sit down with the other start team members and we’ll pray, learn about the Walls Down vision and dream about what God is going to do beginning in Maineville…


These are the amazing people that make it happen every week…

My bride, Sherri…


Rindy (on the left) and one of our amazing Start Team, Kelly…


Dan and Matt Walton… two amazing young men that I’m proud to serve with! (In this pic, Matt is setting up the projector and Dan is overseeing the pipe and drape. These are two very responsible young men whose commitment level, passion, and skills make me proud to be their pastor and friend.


And finally… someone has to play with the toys in the nursery! My four little ladies! I love them and am grateful for their forbearance with daddy as I work to start a new church!


And that’s what it looks like to be starting Walls Down Church!

5 thoughts on “Walls Down at the YMCA – the weekend in pictures

  1. Great looking pics! I’m ready for the Walls Down experience. We’re praying for God to bring the people whose lives are going to be transformed by this new part of the body.

  2. These are amazing pics Paul! I got goose bumps looking at them. It’s happening man, hang on for the ride of your life!

  3. Paul —
    Nice start. So you don’t buy into the “flattery will get you nowhere” philosophy? Have you got a deal with the local coffee shop to sponsor your brew table? And no bricks?? I am disappointed. They would look great on the coffee table.
    Also, did you consider that people at the Y on Sunday might not want candy? How about granola clusters or a piece of fruit or an energy drink? πŸ™‚
    Keep reaching people — I love the words of encouragement on the whiteboard!

  4. Hey, man! I was checking out your church website and reading your blog, and I must say that I am very impressed with and excited about what you are doing. I only wish that I could have attended a church like this while growing up. I believe it would have significantly helped to lay a stronger foundation for the rest of life.

    God bless!

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