Re-engage old truths

A.W. Tozer, in his book The Divine Conquest, writes,

Neglected Christian truths can be revitalized only when by prayer and long meditation we isolate them from the mass of hazy ideas with which our minds are filled and hold them steadily and determinedly in the focus of the mind’s attention.

Tozer is right on particularly when it comes to what we know about God. For instance, we believe that He is omnipresent (i.e. He is completely present everywhere all the time); we believe that He is omniscient (i.e. He completely knows everything); and we believe that He is omnipotent (i.e. He has total power). We believe these truths about God, but how are they affecting our lives? My guess is that most of us, at least me, live our lives virtually unaffected by these three fundamental points of theology!

I guarantee you if my bride was always around, knew everything, and had all power that would have an impact on how I live! The reality is that someone even greater than Sherri IS always here and DOES know everything and CAN do anything! He is God!

Our lives will undergo an extreme makeover when we begin to latch on to these fundamental truths. How do we “latch on”? Tozer says it will happen through prayer and long meditation.

It’s time to do some mental/spiritual house cleaning! It’s time to take some crap to the dump and then pull out and dust off the old valuables we have sitting around on the shelves of our minds and hearts. It’s time to re-engage some old truths!

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