The 2008 holiday festivities begin

I’m actually excited about the holidays this year. Usually I tend to be a bit of a scrooge, but this year I’m getting into it a bit! Some pics courtesy of our cell phones…

Lexington made a pretty cool reindeer at school yesterday…



After school we did some shopping for Christmas decorations. Lexington was a BIG help!


Sherri busted some fellow re-arranging the living room… with a Santa hat on! The pic is fuzzy so no one will ever know for sure who it is or whether or not he’s actually smiling! 😉


“The Ladies” admiring their handiwork…


May I add that no holiday season is properly commenced unless there is a helping of Skyline Chili to usher in the festivities. So it is said, so it is true.

And now on to cookies, more decorations, friends, and the UFC finale.

2 thoughts on “The 2008 holiday festivities begin

  1. Paul, I just want to say that the ladies were not allowed to jump on that sofa when I was there to visit… why is that “MAN” up there?

    Rudolf has never been prettier!

    Love you Petersons!

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