A review of the preview (part 2)

Hey guys!

Several of you have asked how many people showed up on Sunday. There were 25 people at the Preview Service.

So what happens now?

During the weekend everyone filled out a “Communication Card.” We will follow up with each person who filled out a card. During the conversation we will ask them if they are ready to join the team that will help start Walls Down Church. If they are then we invite them to join us on our weekend trips to other church plants and become an engaged part of the team (more on that later). If they are not then we thank them for joining us and wish them well.

We will hold another Preview service on February 8th. Until that point we will be visiting other church plants in the area and “huddling” afterwards to debrief what we saw, and document lessons learned. We will also continue to connect with our “Start Team” through weekly e-mails and regular contact. We will be prayerfully working towards creating another Preview Service that models what we expect Walls Down to be, and will be inviting everyone we can to attend this service in February.

We had three goals for this past weekend. We wanted people to:

  1. See the vision
  2. Love the vision (of course we don’t expect everyone to love the vision, but we wanted it to be clear enough that you either love it or don’t want to be part of it. We accomplished this.)
  3. Join the team that makes the vision happen

We walked away from this weekend having met our goal. As we continue to recruit people through one-on-one conversations and preview services we will build the team that helps us start Walls Down church!

And the Walls Down journey continues…

4 thoughts on “A review of the preview (part 2)

  1. Great to hear Paul!
    Look forward to hearing how God grows and builds this launch team with you in the months ahead. Are you having any ‘comeback events’ between now and the next Preview in February?

  2. I know that this is about building the team that is going to tear down the walls, but I just have to ask…

    What did you preach? I know that is such a huge part of who you are, that you have been itching to get back to it. I bet that it felt GOOD!

    Love to ALL!!

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