Kem Meyer is brilliant

Kem Meyer has done it again! She has made systems sexy.

The very idea of “systems” is inherently boring, unattractive and disconnected from emotion.

Kem has written a post that makes the case that systems, in this instance, a database, should be tools to help people connect with people… better.

Kem is one of my favorite bloggers, and this is why – Read her post “Touchy-feely database” here.

A while back Kem wrote another post entitled, What do I get out of it,” about systems that will be well worth your reading time. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Kem Meyer is brilliant

  1. I’ve just started a book called The Path of Least Resistance, which talks about the “structure” we build for ourselves. Not into the book enough to explain, but the gist is that making change, real change, is not about altering the behavior & habits we have, but changing the underlying structures that cause said behaviors.

    It seems interesting, and your post made me think of it…



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